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Talent Pool KissMyAds – We Are Dedicated to Developing Young Professionals

by KissMyAds
Recently we introduced our newest team member Giuliano on our Facebook page. While he was still studying media management in Cologne, he already worked for us as a freelancer. Soon after his graduation, he became a permanent employee. Giuliano’s story is a great example of how our strategy of identify new employees leads to results. Besides of the usual recruiting measures, our focus has always been on developing young professionals and qualifying them for a full-time job at KissMyAds. “The big advantage of this strategy is that we can evaluate the potential of a young talent over a long period of time”, explains Florian Lehwald, CEO of KissMyAds. “And the most important thing which encourages us to hold on to our idea is: We’ve always had success employing former students or even interns”. We spoke to three of our current team members about their experiences as a student or intern and their new job as a full-time KissMyAds employee to illustrate the different career chances in our company. Marcel Zielke, Advertiser Manager Before Marcel joined KissMyAds on a permanent basis in the summer of 2013, the 28-year-old from Gummersbach studied Information Economics at the Cologne University of Applied Science. During his studies early in 2013 Marcel first got in touch with KissMyAds while searching for a student job on Xing, a social network for business professionals. “Well, the first thing that caught my attention was the unusual company name”, he admits. Back then, KissMyAds was still a startup and worked on defining working processes. “I actually liked the startup culture at the office right from the start of my internship”, Marcel says. “Plus, I had the chance to work with experienced marketing managers while still having much more responsibilities than at corporates”. The difference between theory and practice Marcel quickly understood what mobile performance marketing is all about and assisted both teams – advertiser and publisher – in their daily business. “As much as I learned during my courses at the university, I feel that my internship helped me way more to become a marketing professional and also helped me to decide what I want to do for a living after my graduation”, he says today. “I never had the feeling that I was just the ‘intern’ and the more I learned about the mobile business and negotiation techniques the more I had the chance to work on my own authority”. As Marcel’s internship was coming to an end it became very clear that he was leaning towards the advertiser management, because he developed very good relationships with our advertisers. As a result, Florian decided to offer him a full-time job as an advertiser manager. “It was a perfect fit to the team”, Florian recalls. The intern-turned-employee was glad: “Not many students get a job offer right after their graduation. That motivated me and I jumped on board immediately”, says Marcel. Vivien Rieger, Business Development Manager Vivien and Marcel share a similar background. Just like Marcel came to us as an intern, Vivien started her KissMyAds career as a student assistant after she came back from her term abroad in Cannes, France, about a year ago. “I was looking for a student job that would give me a career perspective after my graduation, because I had only two terms left of my studies here in Cologne”, says the 24-year old native of Berlin. “Florian and the team told me that there was a good chance to become a full-time employee if I would suit to the team.” After that conversation Vivien decided to jump on board and at the beginning was in charge of some general administrative tasks like completing tax forms or organizing some team events. While she was becoming more and more of an expert in the field of mobile marketing, her area of business activities grew and she became a part of the publisher’s team. “Vivi impressed us by increasing their knowledge of the mobile marketing sector constantly and bringing in her own ideas”, says Florian. Towards the end of her studies, Vivien, who studied Multilingual Communication at Cologne’s University of Applied Sciences, was asked to be a part of the business development team maintained by Timo Matthias. “I was building up a team to acquire new customers from all over the world and the first thought coming to my mind was to recruit Vivi”, recalls Timo. “She speaks different languages and always had excellent relationships with our customers. Because of that I felt that she would be a great fit and we wouldn’t have to recruit someone from the outside of our team”, recalls Timo. Vivien was very happy about this opportunity, because she had always enjoyed working in the area of business development for other companies during her studies. “During an internship for a French real estate company I had great fun getting in contact with many different people and convince them to become our partner”, says Vivien. “Because of that I accepted the offer for a full-time job immediately.” Giualiano Demontis, Business Data Analyst / Product Manager Giuliano’s case is a bit different. He first met the team at last year’s trade fair dmexco where we served him a popcorn and a cold beer. Back then the 26-year-old Giuliano worked as an online marketing freelancer and he was attending the fair to discover new trends and to get in contact with potential clients. “The KissMyAds booth looked very cool and there was also a fellow student of me working for the investor Venista Ventures who had told me about it”, says Giuliano. Giuliano decided to get in contact with us and send over his CV to us. “Basically, we were searching for a student assistant, but the talks at the fair and his CV made us listen closely”, says Nicole Fischer the person in charge of our HR-related topics at KissMyAds. “We then decided to hire Giuliano on a project basis as a freelancer to drive the development of one of our new products”. From this point on, the German-Italian showed up at the office from time to time. Apart from that, Giuliano finished his bachelor’s degree in media management with a focus on advertising and brand communication at the Macromedia Hochschule in Cologne and decided to attend a master school afterwards. “I definitely wanted to go for my masters, but at the same time my visits to the KissMyAds office got more and more”, recalls Giuliano. You can get your master’s degree later on Furthermore, Giuliano’s role got more relevant. He shouldered additional projects. “We knew about his plans regarding his master’s degree, but we also felt that we had a chance to convince him to jump on board on a permanent basis instead of continue studying”, says Florian. “So, I reached out to him and offered him a job as a product manager and business data analyst, because of his technical skills he showed and also developed while he was working for us as a freelancer.” The job offer caught Giuliano a bit off guard, although he had thought about it as he would later admit. “As my office times increased and I felt like a actual part of the team, I thought about postponing my master’s degree and gather some working experience as a permanent team member”, he says. “At the end, the nice working atmosphere as well as the exciting possibility to contribute to the growth of a successful young company convinced me and I accepted Flo’s offer”. Impress us and you might earn your career chance at KissMyAds These stories are just three examples for our recruiting strategy. Currently, every second member of our team was either a student, intern or freelancer at KissMyAds before he became a full-time employee. We always offer students a great job with many responsibilities, where they can improve and work on their particular skill set. We think a student assistant shouldn’t be just the guy who fills up the beverage coolers. At the same time, we have high expectations for the young professionals and also think that the personal component plays a big role for us. So, if you think that you can help us to drive our business and you have a passion for mobile marketing, you might check out our student jobs on our homepage or you can send us an application on your own initiative to Nicole Fischer, Human Resources at jobs@kissmyads.com.
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