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Our New Mobile Website

by KissMyAds
  First of all, we have to apologize for the long time of silence here on the KissMyAds blog. It has been nearly two months since we wrote our last article. Reason for this is that we are still putting a lot of work into fine-tuning our new tracking platform TrackMyAds. And lots of people from our team have been traveling all around the world, attending such illustrious events as Mobile World Congress, Phoenix Forum and ad:tech San Francisco. At the same time, we have developed a new version of our mobile website which we want to introduce to you today. Together with our partners from Zendri we decided that the mobile site should be easy to handle and only contain the most important information relevant during a mobile session. “During the phase of development we included multiple usability tests to make the site as simple as possible without missing out on any important information”, says Jens Wessel, CEO and founder of Zendri. “Thanks to the close collaboration with KissMyAds, it wasn’t really hard for us to realize the ideas coming in from their whole team while adhering to our timetable.” Next Step: Migration to TrackMyAds We at KissMyAds also understand that our website visitors are mainly focusing on business. Therefore we integrated three different signups for all of our target groups from publishers to advertisers and agencies. Furthermore, customers who are already working with us will be able to log in to the HasOffers system via the new mobile website. In the near future, we will change the link behind the log-in mask so that you will be forwarded to the new TrackMyAds system. “The integration of our new system into our mobile website will be the next task along with the complete migration of our clients”, says Florian Lehwald, CEO and founder of KissMyAds. “Soon we will be able to migrate our publisher base to the TrackMyAds platform.” Besides of the subpages targeting publishers, advertisers or agencies, there is also a page providing some general info about what we do, who we are and where you will find us. This is important because people may not always know immediately that we are a Mobile Performance Marketing Network when they hear the name KissMyAds. The mobile site also contains the usual contact info such as a telephone number or our contact email address info@kissmyads.com. Of course, you will find all of our social media channels at the bottom of the mobile page. Always remember to click on the orange “B” button and check out our latest blog posts. Let’s see if they’re more up-to-date then. If you have any feedback on the mobile website please let us know either by mail to press@kissmyads.com or by commenting this post.
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